Off-grid solar system SSH-S-005D

Parameter: NO. Name Item Parameter Remarks 1 Solar Panel Max. Input Voltage 25VDC Max.Output Voltage ( Box Input) 18VDC Max.Output Current ( Box Input) 1A current of battery charging Max. Output Power 5W 2 Battery Working Voltage ( Box Input) 12VDC Battery Capacity 4.5AH Float voltage 13.8VDC Equalization Voltage Protection 14.5VDC Boost voltage 14.4VDC 3 Controller Overvoltage Protection Voltage 16VDC Overvoltage Return Voltage 15VDC Under-voltage Protection Voltage 10.8VDC Under-voltage Return Voltage 12VDC Temperature Compensation -5mV/℃/2V Max charging Current 1A Over-load Protection when it comes to 1.25 times of rated current,over-load protection works after 30 seconds;1.5 times of rated current, over-load protection after 5 seconds Short-circuitProtection times of rated current, short protection works Over temperature Protection 80℃ 5 Home Electricity Charging parameter Box Input Max:12VDC, 0.5A Backside 6 Box Output USB Output(charging for other devices) 5VDC 1A*2 Front 24VDC Output(LED Lighting) 12VDC 100mA*2 Front 7 BatteryIndicator 4 green LED, 5mm displaying from left to right Front 8 Total Consumption No-load ≤1.5% of rated power 9 Working Temperature -20℃―-40℃ 10 Dimension 210*124*125mm Equipment: No. Item Specification(location) Parameter Qty. Accessories 1 USB Output Connector Standard USB(Front) 5VDC 1A 2PC 4 Connectors and 1 USB Cable 2 DC Output Connector 12VDC Socket Output Diameter 1.3mm(Front) 100mA 12VDC 2PC 1W LED Lamp with 3m Cable 3 AC Charging Connector DC Connector (Back) 12VDC 0.5A 1PC 12V 0.5A 4 Solar Panel Charging Connector 12VDC 1A DC Plug(Back) 12VDC, 1A 1PC 18V 5W Solar Panel 5 Battery Indicator Green LED,Diameter3mm (Front) Running Display 4PC 6 External Battery Connector Plug(Back) 12V 1A 1 PC 12v 4.5AH Gel Lead-acidBattery